How to make more money as a Melbourne stripper

Stripping — and the hustling that comes with it — is a competitive sales profession in a highly stigmatized environment, especially if you’re looking to become one of the well-paid strippers Melbourne has.

As a seven-year stripper, I am well aware that my line of work is not for everyone. I have worked in retail and healthcare, and I am well aware that these are some of the most exploitative and miserable occupations available for minimum wage earners. Thus, when things are difficult, the tough strip! Here’s to consenting, educated support for adult entertainment.

To become one of the best strippers Melbourne has, more than pole-dance courses and locker-room selfies are required.

Learn how to dance

The strippers Melbourne features must be able to dance, which means that if you want to work in this profession, you’ll need at least a few fundamental stage movements. Hundreds of videos are available on YouTube, particularly if you search for “starting pole dancing motion.” At least initially, eye contact, smiles, and body awareness will go far further than back-breaking Cirque de Soleil moves.

Always keep your toes pointed when dancing to avoid seeming like a nude adult trampling on a playground. And in no case are you to lick the pole a la Showgirls.

Locate a club where you feel at ease.

Consult internet review sites. Yelp can be beneficial — but take all reviews with a grain of salt, as negative evaluations are frequently written by enraged ex-patrons who were kicked out for inappropriate behaviour.

Visit clubs at various hours to get a sense of the atmosphere and crowd. Staff — and, more importantly, patrons! — can fluctuate dramatically over the course of a few hours. During the day, the crowd may consist of blue-collar employees on their lunch break, but on Friday evenings, millennials may partake in Jell-O shots.

What are the regulations of the house/club? Are you in agreement with them? If doing a full-contact naked dance for $10 seems too cheap (it is), continue looking for a venue that encourages employees to be self-sufficient. We’re all in this to earn money.

Are the club’s strippers protected? Is there a bouncer that walks them securely to their cars at the end of their shifts? Is there a code of conduct addressing touching and drug use? Determine. Additionally, inquire about the recruiting processes.

Most clubs will need you to fill out a form, make a copy of your identification, and perform at least one song on stage. Yes, you will be required to strip nude during your audition! That is exactly what you will be doing hundreds of times if employed — so let’s ensure you can take a few feet without falling down.

Determine your brand

You’ve been hired! Now it’s up to you to decide how you want to portray yourself as one of the best strippers Melbourne to get the maximum income.

What sort of fiction are you peddling? You’re a geeky gamer-girl nymph, aren’t you? Barbie as a punk rocker? Are you a burlesque siren? Model for the runway? What about the girl next door? To a great extent, your personal style and demeanour will determine your consumer base.

If you dress like a professional dominatrix, you will attract guys who anticipate dominant behaviour from you. If you don’t wear much makeup, have few tattoos, and keep your hair in one colour, you’ll draw a larger audience who will likely perceive you as less forceful.

Before selecting your outfit, ascertain the club’s requirements. Do you feel the urge to change your clothes every hour? Is it possible to wear the same clothing for years on end without it falling apart? How high should your heels be?

Whatever you wear, ensure that your outfits are stain-resistant against Jack Daniel’s… and is readily removable. I avoid intricate strappy contraptions because untangling a pentagram harness literally takes ticks off the clock when I might be hurrying to do lap dances. Determine what works best for you.

Become an effective communicator

This is the most difficult element of the job for many. You will encounter several repetitions of the same questions. What is your true given name? Why are you in this position? Are your boobs authentic? What are your parents’ thoughts? Have you a boyfriend? Have you been abused?

Which you can undoubtedly respond: Although my given name is Sapphire, you may refer to me as Diamond when I meet your mother. Because I possess an exceptional work ethic. Is it a genuine inquiry? My parents are aware that I am an adult, therefore it makes no difference. Indeed, there are a few. Only via this exchange.

Allow no one to coerce you into discussing what is YOUR personal business. If you can successfully confront passive-aggressiveness with courteous firmness, you will be able to screen out would-be clients who are more trouble than they’re worth. You can learn about How to know if a Brisbane topless waitress likes you by click here.

A simple question such as “Have you been here before?” or “How was your day?” may go a long way. The hustle to be one of the well-paid strippers Melbourne has is similar to that of speed dating: You’re attempting to acquire information and become acquainted with a complete stranger in a short period of time. Some individuals like to converse, while others wish to listen to you converse, and many people will gladly open up once you build rapport.

Stay away from the soap operas

Avoid hierarchies. Every competitive sector has its share of backstabbing colleagues. Be courteous to everyone, avoid spreading rumour, and secure your belongings. Thieves lurk in every nook and cranny!

And PLEASE avoid dating your co-workers or employers. This is seldom successful.

Your time and labour are remunerated, when transactions are conducted. Practise saying, “No, thank you; it is not something I am going to do.” Clientele will attempt to bargain over pricing, touch you in ways that are not permitted, or just refuse to pay you.

Bear in mind that your time is valuable! As a worker, you have the right to deny service, particularly if an individual indicates that they do not respect the house rules or your personal boundaries. If possible, obtain the funds first. And if the guy says, “You don’t trust me?” you should grin and bat your eyelids twice. “I have no faith in anyone, you moron.”

Adopt sound hustling practices.

Put away your phone. That is simply poor salesmanship. If you attended to a comedy event and saw the headliner reading through Instagram while waiting to be called, you’d probably consider him to be half-assing his job, correct? It’s impolite for the waitress to text while taking your coffee order, and it’s terrible sales for the car salesperson to shout at their lover in the finance office. Simply put your phone aside for the duration of the shift.

Furthermore, do not take rejection personally. On certain evenings, people will be unkind to you. Recognize that their terrible behaviour is a manifestation of their insecurities or self-inflicted problems.

Consider the value of your money.

What a delicate situation! I walked out of a six-hour work with $30 and earned $200 within minutes. Strippers are not compensated on an hourly basis! Due of the unpredictability of the revenue, I advise novice strippers to save at least 10% of their tips in a savings account that is not linked to a credit or debit card. Purchase a fireproof safe and ensure that you are the only one who knows the combination. Consult your bank or credit union about opening a savings account or exploring alternative ways to build and save your money.

Additionally, keep your receipts. If you’re filing taxes, you can deduct all work-related expenses. That includes personal hygiene products, clothes, cosmetics, and fitness and health purchases that are directly related to or affect your employment.

Additionally, DO NOT discuss your finances. Ever. Nobody has a motive to know your income. You may be 24 years old and earn $80,000 a year; yet lovers, girlfriends, family, and so-called friends will always find methods to promote your spending… much more so if it benefits them.